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Texas A&M University-Commerce - BAAS


Articulation Agreement
Texas A&M University-Commerce
Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences
Richland College

This agreement confirms the transferability of courses taught at Richland into the Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences Degree Program at Texas A&M University-Commerce.  This agreement becomes effective upon the date of receipt of the signatures requested below, and shall remain effective until terminated via execution of a written request by either party within one year notice.

Dallas County Community College District

Dr. Stephen K. Mittelstet
Richland College 

Ms. Jean Conway
Vice President for Student Learning
Richland College

Mr. Brent Donham
Dean, Engineering Technology & Emerging Programs
Richland College

Texas A&M University-Commerce

Dr. Keith D. McFarland
President & Chief Executive Officer
Texas A&M University-Commerce

Dr. Joyce Scott
Provost & Vice President for Academic/Student Affairs
Texas A&M University-Commerce

Dr. Jerry D. Parish
Associate Dean, College of Business & Technology
Texas A&M University-Commerce

Signed on 8/31/04