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Northwood University - Fashion Marketing/Management


Articulation Agreement
BBA Fashion Marketing/Management
Northwood University
El Centro College
of the Dallas County Community College District  

The intent of this agreement between Northwood University and El Centro College (ECC), of the Dallas County Community College District (DCCCD), is to increase the number and quality of students matriculating from ECC into the fashion marketing discipline at the Northwood University.  Concomitantly, this agreement is designed to foster enhanced transfer processes for ECC students pursuing a BBA.

This agreement recognizes the following terms and conditions: 

  • Representatives from Northwood University and ECC admission’s staff, academic advisors, and the Fashion Marketing department will collaborate to select students for the program and will provide advising to students in the program.
  • faculty and staff will provide support to the Fashion Marketing faculty at ECC through the sharing of course syllabi and other pertinent material.
  • Students who successfully complete the ECC Associate in Applied Sciences will be able to transfer a block of at least 71 credit hours into the Northwood University degree.  The transfer courses must meet the Northwood University required GPA and the minimum grade per course (‘C’ or better) for transferring to Northwood University.  Northwood University will accept all courses as outlined in the Northwood University/ECC Transfer Guide.
  • ECC students successfully completing the Associate in Applied Sciences program according to the Northwood University/ECC Transfer Guide will gain automatic admission to Northwood University.
  • Northwood University/ECC Transfer Guide, attached hereto and incorporated herein by reference as Exhibit A, will be reviewed and updated by ECC and the Northwood University faculty and advisors at least annually.  The Office of Transfer Services and University Relations at DCCCD, Dean of Fashion Marketing at ECC, and the Dean of the Fashion Marketing department at Northwood University will approve changes.
  • The progress of this program will be monitored by both Northwood University and ECC and may be revised by mutual agreement at any time.  Either party may terminate this agreement at any time when the said party believes that termination is in the best interest of all parties concerned.  Those students already participating in the program at the time of termination will have their coursework honored.
  • A copy of the Memorandum of Understanding and Articulation Agreement along with the Northwood University/ECC Equivalency Transfer Guide will be kept in the office of Academic Affairs and Transfer Programs at DCCCD, the Fashion Marketing office at ECC, and the Office of the Dean of Fashion Marketing at Northwood University.
  • Annually, Northwood University and ECC will share data related to the enrollment, scholastic progress, and academic performance of former and active cooperative students in order to evaluate opportunities for improvement and the overall status of this program.
  • Northwood University and ECC will collaborate on the design of marketing materials, which will be distributed to current students,
  • The faculty and administrators from Northwood University and ECC will meet annually to assess and develop program offerings; to schedule student and faculty class visits; and to explore potential joint grant funding.

This Articulation Agreement is in perpetuity, unless stated otherwise, or if there are significant curriculum changes that would warrant a new agreement or until it is discontinued by either educational partner by submitting written notification to the other partner one year prior to the identified cancellation date in order to protect all students transferring between these institutions.

El Centro College

Dr. Wright Lassiter               Date

Dr. Michael Jackson               Date
Vice President
Northwood University

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