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Metro Athletic Conference Transfer Policy


*Effective August 2008

The Metro Athletic Conference will not grant a transfer waiver or release agreement to a fellow Metro Athletic Conference school for the following year.  This applies ONLY to student-athletes who have signed a National Letter of Intent and/or are on the submitted eligibility roster.  The Metro Athletic Conference holds the same policy as the NJCAA.  A student-athlete will not need a transfer waiver if one of the following provisions apply:

  1. The college from which the student-athlete is transferring does not have a particular sport(s). (The student-athlete is immediately eligible only in the sport which is not offered.)
  2. An NJCAA Transfer Waiver Form is signed by the Athletic Director and Chief Executive Administrator of the community college from which the student-athlete is transferring. 

  3. Student-athlete who has not participated in any sport, transfer from their first community college to any community college within their home district, county, or service area. 

  4. Student-athlete enrolls at the first possible opportunity in a newly established college or a college that initiates an intercollegiate athletic program within the student-athlete's home district, county, or service area. 

  5. The college from which the student-athlete is transferring has been placed on probation in the sport in which the student-athlete is participating. This provision does not apply to any student-athlete that is causatively involved in the problem resulting in the penalty.

In the case that a student-athlete, who is on a letter of intent or submitted on eligibility, at their home campus attends a fellow MAC campus for one semester and identifies intent to return to their home school, must be allowed to transfer back to their home campus with a transfer waiver.  A memo from the home campus Athletic Director or designee must be submitted to the visiting campus Athletic Director or designee prior to the semester attending. 

Probation Period
 A student-athlete who has attended an NJCAA member college as a full-time student and/or participated and who transfers from that college to another NJCAA member college may not participate for one (1) season. The season is interpreted as the season immediately following his/her last term of full-time enrollment.

Appeal Process
The appeal is submitted to a neutral committee comprised of the Commissioner of the MAC council (serves as the chair) and all Athletic Directors from non-involved schools.  The student-athlete must fill out an appeal form and should submit the form and all college transcripts to the MAC District Director by December 24th or June 30th.  You may obtain an appeal form at under “forms”.  In addition, the coaches and Athletic Directors involved may submit a written statement to the committee.  All documents will be received and date stamped by the MAC District Director and forward to the MAC Commissioner.  Every Athletic Director will receive notification that an appeal has been submitted.  The committee will meet every January and July.  A letter of explanation will be mailed to the student-athlete as notification within 45 days of the submission deadline.  If the student-athlete is not satisfied with the committee’s decision the final level of appeal will be with the Commissioner’s supervisor.  All paperwork from the committee will be forwarded to this person immediately, if necessary.