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2nd Annual Student Success Summer Institute

2nd Annual Student Success Summer Institute
"Next Steps: Working the Plan"

June 17, 2010 - June 18, 2010
Mountainview College

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Keynote Presentations:

Thursday: Dr. John N. Gardner
  "Thinking Globally, Acting Globally:
What Can I do to Increase Student Success?"

Friday: Dr. W. Joye Hardiman
"The Evolution and Revolution of Learning Communities
and the Return of Integrated Learning"

Breakout Session Presentations:

Creating a College Going Culture: A Path to the Middle Class for Hispanic Students

Social Media and Networking for Student Retention

Modularizing a Developmental Reading Program

To Catch a Falling Star: Creating a Successful, Student-Centered
Developmental Math Program

A Training Module You Can Count On

Moving Students Foward to a Successful Future

Assessing DCCCD Core Completers: Reading and Writing

Coming to a Campus Near You: A New Core, a New Opportunity to Give Your Students the Knowledge and Skills for Success in the 21st Century

ModMath: An Alternative to Traditional Developmental Courses

Don't Gamble with Student Success

Dancing with Data

Diagnostic Software in Developmental Math: A way to Improve Course Delivery

African American Male Retention Program

Customer Service: Your Most Basic Retention Tool

Using Emotional Intelligence & Case Management to Support at Risk Hispanic Students

Growing Pains and Growing Gains: A Year in the Life of a Developmental Writing Program

A Retention Initiative: Center for Success in Mathematics

Evaluation Plans and Data: What Does It All Mean?

Freshmen Year Experience Program

Student Engagement of the African American Male

Catch Me While You Can

Course Redesign: Personalized Instruction

Moving from Chalk to Talk: Active Learning concepts that promote student engagement and partnerships in learning

Teaching Squares: A Model for Faculty Engagement

Journey To Success (Early Alert)