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Selection Team

Dr. Andrew Jones, Executive Vice Chancellor of Educational Affairs, District Office

Dr. Sharon Blackman, Senior Associate Vice Chancellor of Educational Affairs, District Office

Oscar Lopez, Vice President of Enrollment Mgmt and Student Success, Brookhaven College

Ed Bowen,  Dean of Distance Learning - Dallas TeleCollege, LeCroy Center for Educational Telecommunications

Tony Hall, Director, Services to Special Populations, Mountain View College

Jim Casey, Dean of Educational and Administrative Computing, North Lake College

Elaine Cho, Art Faculty, Eastfield College

Pam Gist, Executive Dean of Liberal Arts, Cedar Valley College

Karen Laljiani, Dean of Planning Effectiveness and Research, El Centro College

Paul McCarthy, President, El Centro College

Mary Osentowski, Speech Faculty, Richland College

George Herring, Vice President for Business Services, Brookhaven College