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DCCCD colleges have initiated many retention activities — some have just begun and others have a strong track record. In order for the district to take advantage of these and other successful practices, the following funding opportunities will be available for DCCCD locations through the District’s Strategic Retention Plan.

Award Program Goals

  • Develop effective, scalable programs to retain students
  • Ensure that all awardees are successful in completing their project/program
  • Ensure that the Retention funds provided by the board are used judiciously

Award Categories

There are four types of awards.

1. Planning Awards (Unavailable 2009-2010)

Planning awards are available for institutions to develop a plan that creates the opportunity for a retention effort to be implemented in the upcoming academic year. The award should be used for working with FTIC students or students who have acquired between 15 and 30 hours. Research has shown there is significant attrition after a student reaches 15 semester hours. These awards are available for one semester or four months. 

Planning Award Application

2. Seed Awards

Seed awards are available for institutions to pilot or to continue an initiative that is showing promise. These awards are available for a minimum of two semesters up to a maximum of four semesters.  DCCCD colleges have identified several programs that have great potential to benefit retaining students. Awards will be funded up to an amount of $40,000. The total amount available is $200,000.

Seed Award Application

3. Replication Awards

The Replication Awards are available for implementing a proven model that provides an opportunity for the award to be scaled-up in the location and/or the district.  Applications that include a holistic approach to retention interventions are especially encouraged for Replication Awards.  Locations must demonstrate how the intervention is tied to the institution’s overall plan of student success.  The focus will be on scaling-up successful practices with an emphasis on those that will make a systemic difference throughout the district.  Projects that lead to increased student course and program completion are a priority.  These awards are available for a minimum of two semesters and a maximum of four semesters.  Information regarding successful programs, locally and nationwide, can be found at the DCCCD Office of Student Retention website.  Awards will be made up to an amount of $75,000.  The total amount available is $600,000.

Replication Award Application

4. Resource Awards (Unavailable 2009-2010)

Resource awards are available for the acquisition of resources to be used on a districtwide basis, for example, software that will be used at all locations to communicate individually with students. A resource award could include learning lab equipment that will be available at all locations for use with students as a learning tool.

Resource Award Application