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The Award Selection Team will consider the following questions when evaluating award applications.

Does the proposal:

  • include clear program goals and objectives?
  • include measurable outcomes?
  • demonstrate how the practices will be institutionalized?
  • include scalable strategies?
  • show immediate positive impact on student retention for locations and throughout the DCCCD?
  • involve a collaboration among locations or will it lead to collaboration among locations?

Do Seed Applications:

  • include a collaborative agreement with one or more DCCCD location(s)?

Do Replication Applications:

  • include a plan for the adoption of the program throughout the system?

Award Application Checklist

Before submitting it, use this checklist to ensure that your application is complete.

1) Did we meet with our location Research Development Officer (RDO) for guidance and assistance?
2) Are all sections of the applications are completed?
3) Does it include a letter of support from the collaborating location(s) CEOs?
4) Does it include a hard copy with the required signatures? 
5) Does it include an electronic copy of the application (the electronic copy does not have to include signatures)?
6) Does the proposal have well-defined goals and objectives?
7) Does the proposal include a thorough evaluation process?
8) Does the proposal have well-developed measurements?
9) Does the proposal have a well-developed budget?

Project Updates Required Each Semester

To ensure that award funding is being used effectively, updates will be required each semester.  The updates will provide:

  • information about the status of the project that can be shared with the Board of Trustees and districtwide,
  • an opportunity for award recipients to request assistance if needed

A detailed assessment will occur at the end of each semester. If it is determined that an award project is not making adequate progress or that the project is not successful, funds may not be made available for the completion of the award period. 

The semester update may include the following information:

  • Provide a brief description of program/activity for the current semester.
  • Provide information as to how the project goals and objectives are being met.
  • What obstacles have you faced in implementing the planned project?
  • How have these obstacles been addressed?
  • What changes do you propose for the next semester? 
  • Why will the propose changes yield better results?
  • What additional resources are necessary to reach the program goals and objectives?
  • What unintended objectives have been realized?