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ePortfolio FAQs


Q: What is an ePortfolio and why is an ePortfolio system being adopted?

The Core 2009 Committee recommended the adoption of an ePortfolio system to enable students to provide documentation of their knowledge and skills to potential employers, transfer programs and professional programs; to capture exemplary artifacts of student learning for program assessments, core evaluation and SACSCOC requirements; and to engage students in activities that develop their capacity for reflection and integration of their learning.  

La Guardia Community College, a national leader in the use of ePortfolios, explains the system on their website in the following way: “ePortfolios are one of the hottest educational tools sweeping the country. At colleges and universities around the nation, students are participating in a digital revolution as they create websites that represent their educational goals and achievements. At LaGuardia Community College, we believe that the ePortfolio environment offers students a powerful means of authorship and ownership” of their education.

Q: How will students utilize ePortfolios?

ePortfolios will be introduced in the EDUC 1300 Learning Framework course, which is a college level credit course but not a Core requirement. Any student who enrolls with less than 12 credit hours will be required to take this course. Students will begin to develop their individual portfolio in EDUC 1300 and continue to use the system while they attend DCCCD and possibly beyond, if they choose to maintain it after they depart. 

The ePortfolio feature will ultimately be available to all students, whether they plan to complete the Core, earn a degree or enroll in transfer courses or applied courses. 

Q: How will students who do not take EDUC 1300 have access to and training for ePortfolio? 

This process has not been determined by the ePortfolio Committee, but one possibility is to develop EDUC 1100, a one credit course that would transfer as an elective. The goal of this course would be to provide students with the instruction and practice to effectively use the ePortfolio tool and the assessment features incorporated in the system.

The Learning Frameworks Committee will be addressing the following questions as they continue their research and development activities:  

  • How will students utilize ePortfolios beyond EDUC 1300 to document and integrate learning, reflect upon learning and provide artifacts for assessment purposes? 
  • How can faculty who choose to utilize ePortfolios incorporate this tool into their classes?