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Core Curriculum Resources

Core Curriculum


The colleges of Dallas County Community College District 42-hour Core Curriculum went into effect Fall 2014.  This website contains official documents that have been approved by the Provost of Educational Affairs and the Core Curriculum Steering Team (CCST)

This site also contains documents that show the history of Core Curriculum 2014 selected by the colleges of DCCCD and recommendations received prior to the implementation of Core 2014 as well as historical documents related to Core 2010.




Resources for CCST 2014-2015


Core 2014 Compliance Process and Documentation

Curriculum Process Charges and Timelines

Meeting Agendas, Minutes and Handouts

Official Core-Related Documents
These documents include Core-related information, tables and graphics that are approved for use by the colleges and employees of DCCCD.  Documents such as:



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Other Pertinent Information




Core Curriculum Student Web Page



Integrative Learning (PDF 377KB)

Information Literacy (PDF 636KB)

Critical Thinking