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DCCCD Faculty Resources

Faculty Instructor

DCCCD Faculty Resources

Welcome to the DCCCD Full-time Faculty Resources.  A one stop for faculty to enable easy and quick access to key faculty specific policies, guidelines and resources. We continue to add information to this page. 

District Team Central - Fall 2015

Full-time Faculty Employment: Policy, Process, Guidelines

Faculty Association Executive Council

New Faculty Hire
Equivalencies for Hire
After Hire Documentation
  • Criminal Background Check (see Policy: DC Regulation)
  • Training and Examination Working with Minors - On-line training is a must.
  • Term Contracts (see Policy: DCA Local and DMAB Local)
Active Employment
  • Internal Faculty Transfer Process (see Policy: DC Regulation)
  • Faculty Alternative Contract Guidelines (see Policy: DEA Local)
  • Faculty Interim Positions - A temporary appointment that will not extend beyond two years.
  • Workload - Faculty Release Time (see Policy: DJ Local)
  • Supplemental Employment (see Policy:  DJ Local)

BC: Bill Hammerschlag
CVC: Tommy Thompson
ECC: Jesse Yearwood
EFC: Matt Hinckley
MVC: Ken Alfers
NLC: Shirley Thompson
RLC: Fred Newbury, Chair

Professional Development


 Evaluation Process



Core Curriculum Resources

Employee Benefits



Employee Retirement Information

  • See retirement information  for full-time Faculty to have options to participate in Optional Retirement Program or Teachers Retirement System of Texas.  (myPortal)

Leave Benefits

Employee Complaint Procedure

  • Employee Complaints - Grievance (see Policy: DIA Legal)
  • Sexual Harassment (see Policy: DIA Regulation)

Full-time Faculty Awards



Additional Information and Services


Adjunct Faculty Information


Higher Education Websites  


Key Full-time Faculty Forms

Academic Credit for Advancement form
(faculty reclassification form - 2006) (PDF - 9KB)
Faculty Contractual Recommendation Form​ (PDF - 80KB)
Faculty Individual Action Plans, pages 1-4 (Faculty - Counseling/LRC)​ - (PDF - 99KB)
Faculty Leave Banking Agreement (PDF 17KB)
Faculty Leave Banking Request for Approval  (PDF - 13KB)
Sabbatical Leave Form (PDF - 298KB)
Sick Leave Pool form (PDF - 23KB)
TRS Notification of Employment After Retirement Surcharges for TRS Working Retirees (PDF - 72KB)