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Procedures and Resources

Hiring and Related Processes 


  • Agencies That Certify Degrees — See a list of agencies that can certify a DCCCD job applicant’s degree from a foreign college or university and verify that degree’s equivalent in the U.S. education system.

  • Work Experience Equivalencies — See a list of achievements, experience and credentials that can substitute for a required degree or type of work experience.

  • Equivalencies to the Masters — See a list of achievements and credentials that may be considered equivalent to a master’s degree when hiring.

  • Criminal Background Check — The district requires a criminal background check for for employees who will have regular contact with minors, access credit or debit card account numbers, handle currency or work in an area designated as a security-sensitive area as part of their DCCCD job duties.   Contact Derek Avery at x1512 for additional information.
    Criminal Background Check Form - (PDF - 61KB)
    Renewal Criminal Background Check Form – (PDF 56KB)

  • Criminal Background Check - A Summary of Your Rights Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act — The FCRA gives you specific rights when dealing with agencies that gather and sell information about you, including the information included in criminal background reports. The FCRA is designed to promote accuracy, fairness and privacy of information in the files these agencies maintain.

  • Internship Programs and DCCCD Job Shadowing Programs - A Job Shadowing experience is possible for faculty, administrators and professional support staff seeking to enhance their experience and knowledge in the district and may also be a part of the DCCCD Career Institute curriculum.   

  • Interim Positions — Get information on eligibility requirements and procedures for filling administrator and faculty vacancies on a temporary or interim basis.  

  • Performance Review ​(myPortal) — The 2015-2016 annual administrative evaluation Progress Discussion form (PDF - 16KB and Word - 18KB) gives Administrators the opportunity to review and forecast performance goals.

Review and/or Promotion Process

  • Internal Promotions — In exceptional circumstances, administrators and professional support staff may be considered for an internal promotion. 

Retiring From Employment

  • See the Retirement page for the information you need to know about retiring from DCCCD, including retiree benefits.