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DCCCD Hiring Processes

Chancellor talks with staff and faculty
DCCCD follows open search procedures so we can find the best available candidates for positions and provide a balanced workforce that reflects Dallas County’s ethnic diversity.

Please read some of our most frequently asked questions — and answers — for an overview of our hiring process.

How, when and where may I  pick up, complete and submit an application?

You can apply in person or online.

What happens to applications?

  1. Applications for all positions are received at the District/College/Location Human Resources Offices.
  2. Applicants are notified by e-mail when their application is received.
  3. Applications received at the District Human Resources Office are forwarded to college/location human resources departments.
  4. Applications are reviewed. 
  5. Selected applicants are interviewed.
  6. The hiring decision is completed.
  7. Interviewed applicants are notified about the hiring decision.
  8. Applications are forwarded/returned to the District Human Resources Office.
What are the criteria for teaching credit courses?

DCCCD’s criteria, in accordance with Southern Association of Colleges and Schools guidelines, are:

  • For credit courses designed to transfer to the baccalaureate degree:
    a doctorate or master’s degree in their teaching discipline (a minimum of 18 graduate semester hours in the subject to be taught), in accordance with Southern Association of Colleges and Schools guidelines
  • For associate degree courses not designed for transfer:
    a bachelor’s degree in the teaching discipline, or an associate degree and demonstrated competencies in the teaching discipline
No prior teaching experience is required for our Adjunct Faculty Hiring Programs; these programs provide an excellent opportunity to gain the teaching experience required by SACS to teach credit courses as a full-time, permanent instructor at DCCCD.

Im interested in teaching continuing education classes at DCCCD. How do I get started?

Each DCCCD college hires continuing education instructors independently and has a slightly different process for doing so. Please visit each college’s page below for more information about the process used at that college:

Does DCCCD perform criminal background checks on applicants?

Yes, all DCCCD employees and potential employees are subject to a criminal background check.

Do you have additional questions?

If you have questions or need more information, please contact: Roz Peterson @ 214-378-1574.