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Cedar Valley College

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About Cedar Valley College Continuing Education

Cedar Valley offers a number of continuing education courses, typically for noncredit, for people who wish to stay current in their present occupations or further their education in a new career or interest. The continuing education department offers classes year-round.

A few of the available areas of study are:

  • business
  • children and youth
  • computers
  • health/wellness
  • language
  • law enforcement
  • personal interest
How to Apply

If you’re interested in submitting a proposal for a new continuing education course, please use the proposal form available on the Cedar Valley College Web site. You should print, complete, and mail or fax the form to CVC for the course to be considered.

How Instructors Are Selected

Once the hiring staff receives and reviews your application and resume, they will ensure that you have all of the required qualifications for the proposed course. If you meet all of the requirements, and a spot is available for a new instructor, you will then be called in for an interview.

For More Information

Please contact the Cedar Valley College Continuing Education Office with questions or for more information.