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Workforce Planning and Employment

Workforce and Planning

Talent Central

In this section, you can find important information about the DCCCD hiring process, read about guidelines that affect active employees and get information about retiring from the and returning to work:



Teaching Noncredit Classes

Learn about teaching noncredit classes

Posting New Position with District:

Hiring Processes:

Hiring Processes of Current Employees:

Equivalencies for Hire for Teaching Positions:

After Hire Documentation or Testing & Training Procedures:

Active Employment Overview:

  • Work Hours for Employees — This guideline specifies minimum and/or maximum
    work hours for each category of employment, including full-time and part-time hourly.
  • Meal Periods for PSS — Professional support staff employees may not work more than five consecutive hours without at least a 30-minute period of rest.
  • Workplace Visitors — See DCCCD’s guidelines about minor children visiting employees during working hours on campus.

Return to Work after retirement:

Related Policies

For your reference, the following official board policies concern workforce planning and employment: