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District Office Emergency Procedures

The District Office/1601 S. Lamar Emergency Operations Plan (PDF - 376KB) outlines procedures District Office employees should follow in case of an emergency. Please familiarize yourself with these procedures so you will be prepared before an emergency occurs.

Some of the most important guidelines in the plan include:

In All Emergencies

Call 911 — on a district phone if possible. (If a district phone is unavailable, use any available phone and dial District Central Dispatch at 972-860-4290.)

In some emergencies, take your personal belongings (car keys, etc.), and put away sensitive material. You may not be allowed back into the building. Position all items you will take with you so that they are secure but quickly accessible. 

If the Workplace Is Inaccessible

If 1601 South Lamar is inaccessible or has been evacuated, all employees without specific instructions from the Incident Commander (IC) will regroup at ECC Bill J. Priest campus located on 1402 Corinth Street in Dallas.

If ECC Bill J. Priest has been evacuated or is inaccessible, then all employees without specific instructions from the Incident Commander (IC) will regroup at El Centro’s Performance Hall in the “C” building.

Procedures for Different Types of Emergencies

Read the districtwide Emergency Procedures Plan​ (PDF - 376KB) for detailed information about how to handle:

  • Fire
  • Violent criminal actions
  • Unauthorized persons
  • Weapon at location
  • Severe weather
  • Inclement weather
  • Medical emergencies
  • Power outage
  • Reporting a crime
  • Reporting safety issues
  • Hazardous spills
  • Bomb threats
  • Suspicious mail
  • A criminal, biological or radiological incident
  • Earthquakes

Emergency Response Information — Downtown Central Business District

Visit for general information and guidelines from the Downtown Dallas Improvement District on preparing for, responding to and recovering from critical incident.

1680 AM radio will broadcast during times of emergency.