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HR Forms

If you have a question about the forms posted on this page, please contact Traci Morin at 214-378-1504.

NOTE: To view PDF files, you will need to have the Adobe Acrobat Reader XI installed on your computer. This allows you to save and fill out forms.  If you do not have the Reader, you can click on link to get it.

Form Name PDF/Word/Website
Academic Credit for Advancement form (faculty reclassification form - 2006 version)(PDF - 8KB)
Bilingual Stipend, Internet, Mobile Phone Stipend(PDF - 104KB)
Board Materials Checklist (see Goldenrod below)(PDF - 15KB)
Colleague Security Agreement(PDF - 51KB)
Contract of Non-Renewal (Sample Letter)(PDF - 83KB)
Criminal Background Check form For All Applicants(PDF - 102KB)
Criminal Background Check for Existing Employees (Renewal)(PDF - 42KB)
Curriculum Vitae(PDF - 59KB)
Death of Employee Forms:
(PDF - 30KB)
   Letter with no Will (PDF - 28KB)
   Affidavit of Heirship (PDF - 48KB)
   Beneficiary Designation(PDF - 80KB)
   W-9 form(IRS Website)
Direct Deposit Authorization form 0132-05/04(PDF - 473KB)
Discipline Review Employee Plan for Action Form(PDF - 4KB)
Districtwide Recognition Awards (Guidelines and Forms) (myPortal signin):
Administrator of the Year Award (guidelines)
Administrator of the Year Award (form)

(PDF - 16KB)

(Word - 35KB)
(PDF - 13KB)

Adjunct Faculty Excellence in Teaching Award (guidelines)

Adjunct Faculty Excellence in Teaching Award (form only)
(PDF - 32KB)

(Word - 28KB)
(PDF - 638KB)
Innovation of the Year Award (guidelines) 

Innovation of the Year Award (form only)
(PDF - 13KB)

(Word - 35KB)
(PDF - 18KB)

Jean Sharon Griffith Student Development Leadership Award   (guidelines)

(PDF - 58KB)
Jean Sharon Griffith Student Development Leadership Award (form only)(Word - 34KB)
(PDF - 13KB)
Full-time Faculty Excellence in Teaching Award
(PDF - 85KB)
Full-time Staff Employee of the Year Award (guidelines)
(PDF - 8KB)
Full-time Staff Employee of the Year Award (form)(Word - 35KB)
(PDF - 89KB)
Part-time Staff Part-time Employee of the Year Award (guidelines)
(PDF - 67KB)
Part-time Staff Employee of the Year Award (form)

(Word - 61KB)
(PDF - 44KB)

Hall of Honor Award guidelines and forms (myPortal):(PDF - 15KB)
    Retiree Hall of Honor Nomination form — Administrator (Word - 35KB)
(PDF - 115KB)
    Retiree Hall of Honor Nomination form — Faculty (Word - 35KB)
(PDF - 115KB)
    Retiree Hall of Honor Nomination form — Staff
(Word - 35KB)
(PDF - 116KB)
Educational Stipend (Full-time STaff/Admin.)(PDF - 16KB)
Emergency Procedures (1601 S. Lamar)(PDF - 376KB)
Emergency Safe Zones in Building in Case of Tornado (1601 S. Lamar)(PDF - 241KB)
Emeritus Business Cards Request(PDF - 138KB)
Employee Complaints — Grievance form(PDF - 83KB)
Employee/Student Privacy Election form(PDF - 85KB)
Employment Authorization Request form(PDF - 46KB)
Employee Development form(PDF - 110KB)
Employment Eligibility Verification I-9 form USCIS Website
Employee Withholding for Federal Income Tax (W-4) IRS Form
Extra Service Contract - Special Employment Agreement(PDF - 49KB)
Faculty Related Forms:  
Faculty Evaluation Cycle Booklet (dated May 26, 2002)(PDF - 420KB)
   Faculty Individual Action Plans, pages 1-4(PDF - 99KB)
   Faculty Appraisal Report Summary form(PDF - 51KB)
   Instructional Visitation Appraisal (face-to-face)(PDF - 69KB)
   Instructional Visitation Appraisal (Online)(PDF - 34KB)
   Instructional Student Surveys of Instruction(PDF - 73KB)
   Faculty Contractual Recommendation(PDF - 80KB)
   Faculty Teaching Position Description(PDF - 12KB)
   Faculty Leave Banking Agreement(PDF - 17KB)
   Faculty Leave Banking Frequently Asked Questions and Answers(PDF - 16KB)
   Faculty Leave Banking Request for Approval(PDF - 13KB)
   Faculty Sabbatical Leave Form(PDF - 298KB)
   Faculty Sick Leave Pool Contribution (Faculty Only)(PDF - 23KB)
Family Leave:
    FMLA Response Letter
    FMLA Health Care Provider Certification
(PDF - 125KB)
(PDF - 6KB)
Goldenrod/Checklist (Recommendation for Employment Summary form)(PDF - 17KB)
Healthcare Claim Form by United Healthcare (site login)            UnitedHealthcare Website
Affordable Care Act Notification Acknowledgement form(PDF - 60KB)
New Health Insurance Marketplace Coverage Options and Your Health Coverage(PDF - 210KB)
Job Profile
Job Profile Instructions
(PDF - 327KB) (Word - 55KB)
(PDF - 97KB) (Word - 34KB)
Leave Form

(PDF - 23KB)
Online Form (myPortal login)

Medical Certification Release Form(PDF - 72KB)
Notice of Vacancy/Advertising (PDF - 63KB)
ORP Procedures Manual(PDF - 20KB)
ORP/TDA (2013) Analysis of Possibilities(PDF - 277KB)
ORP/TRS Notification of Employees Responsibilities under Texas(PDF - 9KB)
ORP/TRS Overview for Employees Eligible to Elect ORP ORP (rev: Aug. 2015) Website
Payroll Reduction Authorization Form 403(b) Annuity Contract or 403(b)(7) Custodial Account(PDF - 87KB)
Payroll Schedule Election Form(PDF - 8KB)
Pharmacy Mail Service Order Form (Carmark Health Pharmacy)(PDF - 85KB)
Professional Enhancement Forms:
  Professional Enhancement Post-Project Evaluation Form (PEP)(PDF - 61KB)
(Word - 32KB)
  Professional Enhancement Program Guidelines (PEP)(PDF - 109KB)
  Professional Enhancement Program Request Form (PEP)(PDF - 190KB)
Progress Discussion Form (Staff & Administrators)(PDF - 17KB)
Word - 18KB)
  Retiree Insurance Eligibility - Notification of ERS(PDF - 64KB)
  Retirement Agreement Form (part time)(PDF - 57KB)
  Retirement Part-time Metlife 403(b) Enrollment(PDF - 77KB)
  Retirement Part-time Metlife 403(b) Withdrawal(PDF - 720KB )
Recruitment Database Summary Form 1(Word - 66KB)
Sabbatical Request form — Administrator(PDF - 19KB)
Sabbatical Leave Form - Faculty(PDF - 298KB)
Search Process Acknowledgment form(PDF - 65KB)
Search Process Applicant Roster(PDF - 74KB)
Sick Leave Pool Form (Administrators and Staff)(PDF - 22KB)
Sick Leave Pool Form (Faculty Only)(PDF - 23KB)
Sick Leave Pool Request Form (revised: 01/30/13)(PDF - 15KB)
SSA 1945 form — Statement Concerning Your Employment in a Job Not Covered by Social Security(PDF - 406KB)
Supplemental Employment Application Form (Optional)(PDF - KB)
Telecommuting Agreement(PDF - 22KB)
Temporary Expanded Duties (T.E.D.) Stipend Request (Full Time Administrators and Exempt Staff EmployeesPDF - 160KB)
TexFlex Enrollment/Change Form - ERS(PDF 377KB)
Termination Clearance Form(PDF - 58KB)
Texas $aver (457 Plan) Overview and Forms Texa$aver Website
Texas $aver 457 Deduction Form PDF - 69KB)
Time/Effort form (Grant-Funded Employees)(PDF - 67KB)
Transcript Fax Cover Sheet        (PDF - 59KB)
TRS Notification of Employment After Retirement Surcharges for TRS Working Retirees(PDF - 72KB)
TSA Consulting:  

Transaction Routing Request 403(b)/457(b) provided by company or representative
Roth 403(b) Salary Deduction Agreement
403(b) Hardship Withdrawal Discloser
457(b) Unforeseen Emergency Discloser
Roth 403(b) Payroll Reduction Authorization

(PDF - 79KB)
(PDF - Internet)
(PDF - Internet)
(PDF - Internet)
(PDF - Internet)
ORP/TSA Active Carrier List
Roth 403(b) Active Vendor List
( PDF - 46KB)
(PDF  - 20KB)
Tax Deferred Accounts - Maximum Exclusion Allowance (MEA) worksheetTSA Website

Tuition Waiver form - Credit (Revised Effective: Summer II, 2003)

Tuition Waiver form - Non Credit

(PDF - 10KB)

(PDF - 11KB)

Vesting Letter(PDF - 12KB) 
Wellness Form(PDF - 12KB)

Workers Comp. Related Documentation:


Employee's Claim for Compensation for a Work related Injury or Occupational disease (DWC Form-041)

PDF - 123KB

Employee First Report of Injury or Illness (DWC Form-001)

PDF - 168KB
Employer's Wage Statement (DWC Form-003) PDF - 118KB

Employer's Supplemental Report Injury (DWC Form-006)

PDF - 118KB) 


Can't find what you are looking for? Please contact Traci Morin at 214-378-1504.  

Other specific forms not related to Talent Central, contact Guido Roncal, Records Management, 972-860-7988.