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Facilities FP8

JTC Job Title FLSA
CDE​Automotive and Small Engine Mechanic II (PDF - 18KB)​N
​TN6Carpenter III (PDF - 19KB)​N
P83 Energy Sustainability Specialist (PDF - 13KB)E
P11 Facilities Custodial Services Supervisor (PDF - 18KB)N
​TO3Facilities Maintenance Services Technician III (PDF - 19KB)​N
​P75HVAC Technician II (PDF - 18KB)​N
​TO7Landscape Services Supervisor (PDF - 20KB)​E
​P25Life and Safety Systems Coordinator (PDF - 20KB)​E
P93 Sr. Facilities Support Services Coordinator (PDF - 18KB)E
​P99Shipping and Receiving, Inventory Coordinator (PDF - 18KB)​E
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