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PSS - Range 3

As of September 1, 2014.
Minimum Mid-Point Maximum
$21,736.00 | $1,811.33 | $10.45 $29,886.00 | $2,490.50 | $14.37 $38,036.00 | $3,169.67 | $18.28


JTC Job Title FLSA
N04 Accounting Clerk A (PDF - 14KB) N
CQ8 Admissions and Records Assistant (PDF - 18KB) N
CR2 Child Care Cook (PDF - 12KB) N
N11 Child Development Specialist I (PDF - 13KB) N
N77 Circulation Assistant I (PDF - 13KB) N
N37 Department Assistant II (PDF - 14KB) N
N28 Equipment/Tool Room Coordinator (PDF - 13KB) N
CT7 Imaging Technician II (PDF - 13KB) N
T06 Instructional Assistant (PDF - 13KB) N
CR0 Media Center Circulation Assistant (PDF - 14KB) N
N20 Media Distribution Assistant (PDF - 13KB) N
CT8 Records and Archives Technician (PDF - 14KB) N
CQ9 Testing Clerk II (PDF - 14KB) N
TC2 Tutor I (PDF 13KB) N


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