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PSS - Range 11

As of September 1, 2014.

Minimum Mid-Point Maximum
$55,759.00 | $4,646.58 | $26.81 $76,669.00 | $6,389.08 | $36.87 $97,579.00 | $8,131.58 | $46.92

JTC Job Title FLSA
​CBW ​Assistant Director Organizational Learning​ (PDF - 18KB) ​​E
C10 Assistant District Director of Business Services (PDF - 12KB) E
CJP College Curriculum Manager (PDF - 13KB) E
​CBY College Employee Relations and Development Manager (PDF - 19KB) ​E
CP5 College Nurse II (PDF - 15KB) E
​CJQ District Coordinator, Curriculum Management (PDF - 18KB) ​E
DAS District Coordinator, Information Privacy and Security (PDF - 15KB) E
C1A District Director of Records and Retention (PDF - 13KB) E
CZ6 Executive Assistant to the Chancellor (PDF - 17KB) E
DAI Executive Assistant to the Executive Vice Chancellor, Business Affairs (PDF - 17KB) E
EAM Executive Assistant to the Vice Chancellor, Public and Governmental Affairs (PDF 18KB) E
DA0 Foundation/Development Office Accounting Manager (PDF 15KB) E
CZ2 Foundation Special Projects Coordinator (PDF - 17KB) E
​EAK Instructional Support Project Manager (PDF - 14KB) ​E
  T91    Interpreter III (PDF - 16KB) E
CT1 Manager, Compensation and Benefits (PDF - 13KB) E
​TW2 Manager, District Digital Marketing (PDF - 18KB) E​​
DAO Manager, District Transcript Evaluation Center (PDF - 14KB) E
CCA​ Manager, Faculty Access to Supportive Technology Team (FAST) (PDF - 21KB) ​E
​CJK Manager, News Communications (PDF 17KB) ​E
C17 Manager, Nursing Lab (PDF - 13KB) E
CY7 Project Coordinator (PDF - 17KB) E
​EAW Senior Assistant Director, Human Resources (PDF - 16KB) ​E
EAN​ Senior Business Advisor (PDF - 18KB) ​E
​CJR Senior Print and Digital Media Production Manager (PDF - 21KB) ​E
DAT Senior Manager of Grant Projects (PDF - 41KB) E
CY6 Senior Research Analyst (PDF - 26KB) E
EAH Senior Special Projects Manager, Outreach and Marketing (PDF - 16KB) E
​TH2Supervisor, General Accounting (PDF - 17KB)​E
CAQ Sustainability Project Coordinator (PDF - 16KB) E


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