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PSS - Range 10

As of September 1, 2014.

Minimum Mid-Point Maximum
$49,564.00 | $4,130.33 | $23.83 $68,151.00 | $5,679.17 | $32.77 $86,738.00 | $7,228.08 | $41.70

JTC Job Title FLSA
CY8 Accounts Sales Representative (PDF - 19KB) E
EAL​ Administrative Assistant to the Associate Vice Chancellor of HR External Reporting Activities (PDF - 16KB) ​E
CO9 Administrative Assistant to the Chancellor (PDF - 20KB) E
 CQ1 Assistant Director, Business Office (PDF - 15KB) E
​GAG Assistant Director, College Community Campus (PDF - 19KB) ​E
CQ0 Assistant Director, Human Resources II (PDF - 18KB) E
​CBV Assistant Director, Marketing & Public Information (PDF - 18KB) ​E
CR3 Assistant Director, Risk Management - Loss Control (PDF - 20KB) E
​TR3 Assistant Payroll Coordinator (PDF - 25KB) ​E
TL2 Assistant to the Director of Board Relations (PDF - 21KB) E
DAQ Buyer III (PDF - 15KB) E
CS0 College Financial Manager (PDF - 15KB) E
T18 College Nurse I (PDF - 12KB) E
CQ4 College President Administrative Assistant (PDF - 20KB) E
DAD Compensation Analyst (PDF - 21KB) E
DAG Coordinator, Academic Programs (PDF - 14KB) E
​GAE Coordinator, Alumni & Donor Relations (PDF - 18KB) ​E
TT4 Coordinator, Grants Management & Compliance (PDF - 19KB) E
​EAX ​Coordinator, HR Operations and Compensation (PDF - 13KB ​E
​EAP Coordinator, Organizational Learning (PDF - 15KB) ​E
DAE Coordinator Transfer Services (PDF - 20KB) E
CX2 District Accounting Specialist (PDF - 32KB) E
DAL District Coordinator, Student Programs (PDF - 15KB) E
CO6 District Coordinator, Transcript Evaluation (PDF - 22KB) E
CV0 District Human & Organizational Development Program Development Manager (PDF - 19KB) E
CA5 District Manager of Records and Retention (PDF - 20KB) E
TM2 District Organizational Process Analyst (PDF - 21KB) E
CJF Executive Assistant to the Vice President (PDF - 13KB) E
CBG Financial Aid Information Call Center Manager (PDF - 18KB) E
​GAA Financial Analyst (PDF - 18KB) ​E
CJ2 Financial Research Associate (PDF - 18KB) E
CQ2 Foundation Database Manager (PDF - 26KB) E
​GAJ Instructional Technologies Specialist (PDF - 18KB) ​E
​TR5 Internal Auditor II (PDF - 16KB) ​E
T90 Interpreter II (PDF - 16KB) E
T79 Investment Analyst (PDF - 17KB) E
TK5 Manager, Library Circulation (PDF - 15KB) E
CX0 Manager, Partner Alliances (PDF - 14KB) E
​CJL ​News Writer (PDF - 18KB) ​E
​EAS North Texas SBDC (State Office) Database and Research Manager (PDF - 17KB) ​E
CAB Research Analyst II (PDF - 17KB) E
CBD Senior Administrative Assistant - Academic Programs / Student Services (PDF - 12KB) E
​GAH Senior Administrative Assistant, Business Affairs (PDF - 20KB) ​E
ND5 Senior Administrative Assistant - Educational Affairs (PDF - 20KB) E
EAR​ Senior Administrative Assistant - Public and Governmental Affairs​ (PDF - 18KB) ​E
GAB ​Senior Career Services Coordinator (PDF - 19KB) ​E
CX6 Senior District Payroll Accountant (PDF - 26KB) E
EAJ Senior Manager, Financial Aid (PDF - 16KB) E
CS9 Senior Manager, Graphics Communications (PDF - 15KB) E
CN5 Senior Manager, Media and Production Services (PDF - 19KB) E
CY9 Senior Project Manager - Outreach, Recruitment & Community Engagement (PDF - 20KB) E
​GAI Senior Ranch Manager/Herdsman (PDF - 19KB) ​E
​EAO Senior Veterans Affair Coordinator (PDF - 15KB) ​E
​CCD Talent Central, Program Development Manager (PDF - 15KB) ​E
CJI​ Telecommunications Marketing Coordinator III (PDF - 19KB) ​E


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