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Administrator - Unbanded

Job Description Listing


Job Title


​APBChief Financial Officer (PDF - 16KB)​E
APO​ ​Chief of Advancement Initiatives (PDF - 29KB)​E
APQ​Chief of Strategic Initiatives (PDF - 17KB)​E
​AQR​ Chief Innovations Officer (PDF - 141KB) ​E
​AOXChief Talent Officer (PDF - 19KB)​E
​AOUCollege President (PDF - 20KB)​E
​APAExecutive Vice Chancellor & Chief of Staff (PDF - 46KB)​E
ANR General Counsel (PDF - 26KB)E
AJT Provost (PDF - 12KB)E
​AQVVice Chancellor for Student Advocacy and Educational Policy (PDF - 143KB)​E
​AOTVice Chancellor, Workforce and Economic Development (PDF 17KB)​E
If you have any questions or problems in regards to the following: