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Administrator - Band IV



Job Description Listing - Band IV

JTC Job Title FLSA
ANN Area Executive Director, Human Resources (PDF - 13KB)E
AOS​​Assistant to the Chancellor (PDF - 14KB)E​​
​ALJAssociate Director, Business Diversity (PDF - 18KB)​E
​ANXAssociate District Director, Educational Technology​ (PDF - 17KB)​E
​AMRAssociate District Director, Financial Services/Associate Comptroller (PDF - 13KB)E​
​ALQAssociate District Director, Grants and Resource Development (PDF - 20KB)​E
AJW Associate District Director, Human & Organizational Development (PDF - 18KB)E
ALV Associate District Director, Human Resources - Compensation & Benefits (PDF - 17KB)E
AOP Associate District Director of Human Resources - External and Reporting Activities (PDF - 16KB)E
​ANW​Associate District Director, Strategic Initiatives and Resource Development (PDF - 18KB)​E​
​AD4Associate Regional Director, Small Business Development Center (PDF - 11KB)E​
AOW​Associate Vice President, Academic Affairs and Student Success (PDF - 22KB)​E
ALW Associate Vice President, Business Services (PDF - 16KB)E
​AHXAssociate Vice President, Career and Program Resources (PDF - 14KB)​E
​ANYAssociate Vice President, Development (PDF - 18KB)​E
AKA Associate Vice President, Instruction (PDF - 17KB)E
AMH Associate Vice President, Planning, Research & Institutional Effectiveness (PDF - 18KB)E
AIF Associate Vice President, Workforce & Continuing Education (PDF - 14KB)E
AHU Charter High School Principal (PDF - 13KB)E
​AOZChief Resource & Community Development Officer (PDF - 18KB)​E
ALX College Director, Facilities Management III (PDF - 14KB)E
ANA Dean, Curriculum and Assessment (PDF - 28KB)E
AB0 Dean/Director, Planning & Research for Institutional Effectiveness (PDF - 13KB)E
​AOKDean, Distance Education/Student Success (PDF - 19KB)​E
AKV Dean, Distance Learning Planning and Development (PDF - 18KB)E
AU5 Dean, Educational and Administrative Technology (PDF - 12KB)E
A63 Dean, Educational Resources (PDF - 11KB)E
AFE Dean/Executive Assistant to the President (PDF - 13KB)E
ABM Dean, External & Community Relations (PDF - 14KB)E
A64 Dean, Health Occupations (PDF - 12KB)E
AJV Dean, Health Occupations/Nursing (PDF - 13KB)E
AE5 Dean of Instruction (PDF - 12KB)E
AGX Dean, Instructional Support and Distance Education (PDF - 14KB)E
AEI Dean, Instructional Support and Outreach Services (PDF - 14KB)E
AAX Dean, Organizational & Staff Development (PDF - 11KB)E
AHT Dean, Planning, Research & Institutional Effectiveness (PDF - 13KB)E
AIM Dean, Resource Development (PDF - 11KB)E
ALC Dean, Student Retention & Title III Administrator (PDF - 18KB)E
AIS Dean, Student Success (PDF - 14KB)E
A20 Dean, Student Support Services (PDF - 13KB)E
AN1 Dean, Technical Occupational Programming (PDF - 13KB)E
AES Director, Finance/Business Affairs, Foundation (PDF - 13KB)E
AJX Director, Information Technology (PDF - 13KB)E
AOC Director, Outreach & Partner Relations (PDF - 15KB)E
AIJ Director, Product Design & Development (PDF - 14KB)E
ACZ Director, Solutions Development (PDF - 14KB)E
​AMZDirector, STARLINK Network (PDF 14KB)​E
ANQ​Director of Strategic Partnerships (PDF - 13KB)​E
​AV3 ​Director, Veterinary Technology (PDF - 13KB)​E
AKZ District Director, Academic & Student Records (PDF - 15KB)E
AEX District Director of Articulation/Transfer Services, University Relations & Special Populations (PDF - 14KB)E
AJK District Director, Curriculum Management (PDF - 15KB)E
AIP District Director for Community Engagement, Outreach & Recruitment (PDF - 14KB)E
AFS District Director, Marketing & Communications (PDF - 14KB)E
ALD District Director, Student and Academic Programs (PDF - 17KB)E
AOJ District Director, Student Success (PDF 15KB)E
AMK District Director, Workforce Education and Development (PDF - 15KB)E
ADP Executive Dean (PDF - 13KB)E
AHI Executive Dean (2005) (PDF - 14KB)E
AS6 Executive Dean, Arts and Sciences (PDF - 13KB)E
AU0 Executive Dean, Business and Professions (PDF - 13KB)E
AX2 Executive Dean, Communications/Math & Student Support Services (PDF - 14KB)E
AEG Executive Dean, Corporate and Continuing Education (PDF - 13KB)E
AOB Executive Dean, Corporate and Continuing Education/Director El Centro Bill J. Priest for Center Economic Development and Evening/Saturday Office (PDF - 16KB)E
AK3 Executive Dean, Financial Affairs (PDF - 12KB)E
​ADGExecutive Dean of Educational Partnerships (PDF - 14KB)E​​
AJD Executive Director, Human Resources (PDF - 14KB)E
AFD Executive Dean, Information Technology Programs/Systems Support (PDF - 14KB)E
AGR Executive Dean, Student and Enrollment Services (PDF - 14KB)E
AHC Executive Dean, Student Development & Support Services (PDF -14KB)E
AOD Executive Director, Business Services (PDF - 20KB)E
AIE Executive Director, Community Campus (PDF - 14KB)E
AFX Faculty Association President (PDF - 15KB)E
A67 Instructional Dean/Division Chair (PDF - 12KB)E
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