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Administrator - Band II

Job Description Listing - Band II


Job Title

ABH Assistant Dean, Business & Technology (PDF - 18KB)E
A49 Assistant Dean, Continuing Education II (PDF - 23KB)E
AAW Assistant Dean, Continuing Education & Contract Training (PDF - 20KB)E
AAR​Assistant Dean, Institutional Effectiveness (PDF 16KB)​E
A73 Assistant Dean of Educational Resources (PDF - 22KB)E
​AGJAssistant Director, Media & Studio Productions (PDF - 16KB)​E
ABB Assistant Director of Purchasing (PDF - 19KB)E
ANK Assistant to Vice President (PDF - 15KB)E
AKI Associate Dean, Distance Learning Programs & Outreach (PDF - 20KB)E
AN0 Associate Dean of Educational Resources (PDF - 15KB)E
​ANDAssociate Dean, Enrollment Services (PDF - 16KB)E​​
A62​Associate Dean of Technical Programs (PDF - 17KB)​E
​ANEAssociate Dean, Student Programs, Resources and Health Center (PDF - 15KB)E​​
​ANHAssociate Dean, Student Recruitment and Outreach (PDF - 16KB)​E
ANC​Associate Dean, Student Services, Grants and Special Programs (PDF - 16KB)​E
​ANF​Associate Dean, Student Success (PDF - 16KB)​E
​A08Associate Dean, Student Support Services (PDF - 15KB)​E
AGD Associate Dean, World Languages, Cultures & Communications (PDF - 18KB)E
ALA Associate Instructional Dean (PDF - 15KB)E
ABY Auxiliary Business Services Manager (PDF - 20KB)E
AJ0 Civil Engineer (PDF - 21KB)E
AFO College Director, Athletic Program (PDF - 18KB)E
ACL College Director, Athletics & Recreational Programming (PDF - 16KB)E
AKO College Director, Faculty Training and Development (PDF - 18KB)E
AU4 College Director, Human Resources II (PDF - 24KB)E
AKC Coordinator of Development - Foundation Office (PDF - 19KB)E
AJ7 Coordinator of Resource Development (PDF - 14KB)E
A97 Coordinator of Student Services (PDF - 23KB)E
AAD Director, Academic Advising, Career Educational Planning (PDF - 23KB)E
A68 Director, Admissions/Registrar (PDF - 23KB)E
ALT Director, Best Southwest Small Business Development (PDF - 18KB)E
AFG Director, College Police II (PDF - 22KB)E
AH2 Director, Dallas Small Business Development Center (PDF - 29KB)E
​A03Director, Facilities Services - (PDF - 24KB) ​E
​AS1Director, Institutional Effectiveness and Improvement (PDF - 15KB)​E
AFB​Director, Institutional Research II (PDF - 19KB)​E
​AM5Director, Multicultural Services (PDF - 13KB)​E
AAQ​ Director of Academic Advising & TSI (PDF - 18KB)E​​
​AB3 Director of Business Operations (PDF - 17KB)​E
ADA​​​​ Director of Center for Government Contracting (PDF - 17KB)E​​
​ANVDirector of Community Outreach (PDF - 18KB)E​​
ADC​Director of Environmental Assistance Center (PDF - 18KB)E​
​A69Director of Financial Aid (PDF - 19KB)E​
AFMDirector of Instructional Music (PDF - 17KB)E​​
ACQ Director of Library Services (PDF - 19KB)E
AAN Director of Marketing & Public Relations (PDF - 25KB)E
AGZ Director of Testing II (PDF - 19KB)E
AGC Director, Off-Site Facility (PDF - 19KB)E
AMI Director, Organizational & Staff Development (PDF - 18KB)E
AY4 Director, Services to Special Populations (PDF - 20KB)E
ADB Director, Small Business Development Sub-Center Tech (PDF - 16KB)E
AE9 Director, Small Business Development Sub-Center International (PDF - 23KB)E
AX8 Director, Student Programs & Resources and Health Services (PDF - 23KB)E
AJE Director, Student Programs and Resources II  (PDF - 18KB)E
​ACMDistrict Director of Payroll (PDF - 17KB)​E
ABI District Interior Designer (PDF - 19KB)E
A05 Evening Administrator (PDF - 19KB)E
AB6 Instructional Designer (PDF - 16KB)E
AHB Manager, Academic Partnerships (PDF - 19KB)E
AG5 Manager, Business Incubation Center (PDF - 15KB)E
ACI Manager, Grants Management & Compliance (PDF - 18KB)E
A81 Producer (PDF - 20KB)E
AFN Program Administrator II (PDF - 19KB)E
AQ4 Project Leader (PDF - 21KB)E
APD​RCHS Director of Student Services (PDF - 21KB)​E
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