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Salary Guidelines

Human resources uses the following guidelines and procedures to establish, manage and adjust employee salaries.

Colleague Dollar and Cents Procedures
Implementation of salaries procedures into Colleague for all new hires, continuing employees, payroll, etc. 

Faculty Release Time (Workload)
See the release time regulations for faculty members who perform non-teaching duties.

Faculty Premium Pay (myPortal)
Procedures used to pay faculty who teach during the summer term.

Incorrect Salary Placement Procedures
Learn about the procedures used if, through audit or other review, an error in salary calculation is found.

Inital Placement on the Faculty Salary Schedule
See the mechanics of how a faculty member's salary is initially set.

Initial Salary Placement, Job Evaluation and competitive Salary Offer
Procedures for initial salary placement at hire, on Job Evaluation, and Competition Salaries.

IRS Regulations for Annualized Compensation
See which factors affect employee obligations to the IRS.

Salary Issues With Colleague
See an outline of procedures used by HR to enter employee salaries into Colleague.

Salary Adjustments

Salary Adjustment Mechanics and Examples (myPortal)
See examples of and calculations for employee salary adjustments in 2014-2015.

Current Salary Recommendations (myPortal)
Employee salary adjustments in 2015-2016 and history.

Rules of Equity (myPortal) - For Administrators (See Policy: DEA​ local).  No salary adjustments were made for the year 2014-2015.