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A broad review of the Human Resource Operational Guidelines is in process, and the online reference is not currently available.  If you have a question requiring an immediate answer, please contact the location Human Resources Office or Talent Central for assistance.

DCCCD offers fair-price compensation to its employees as well as other types of compensation for those who meet the requirements. 

Job Evaluations/Promotions

Administrator Performance Review (myPortal)
The 2015-2016 annual administrative evaluation Progress Discussion form gives Administrators the opportunity to review and forecast performance goals.

Faculty Evaluation System (myPortal)
The faculty evaluation determines whether the instructional program is meeting the objective of DCCCD based from the Instructional Visitation, the Student Survey of Instructions and other relevant sources of information.

Professional Support Staff (myPortal)
A Progress Discussion is an opportunity for supervisor and employee to overview assigned duties and responsibilities, job performance and goals for the future.

PSS Job Evaluation

  • PSS Regular Job Evaluation - coming soon
  • Regular Job Evaluation Steps - coming soon
  • FAQs - coming soon

Promotion Guideline - Job Reclassification (Adhoc)


Administrator Rules of Equity

Salary Recommendation for Current Year

Other Compensation & Stipends


Full-time Faculty

IT Employees

All Employees

Bilingual Compensation

Overtime/Compensatory Time

Faculty & Adjunct Faculty and Others Supplemental Agreement Policies