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A broad review of the Human Resource Operational Guidelines is in process, and the online reference is not currently available.  If you have a question requiring an immediate answer, please contact the location Human Resources Office or Talent Central for assistance.

DCCCD offers fair-price compensation to its employees as well as other types of compensation for those who meet the requirements.

  • Performance Review - Yearly process through which professional support staff, administrators and faculty are regularly evaluated in the district.
  • Job Evaluations - The process through which professional support staff and administrator jobs are regularly evaluated in the district       
  • Promotion Guidelines - Promotional movements and reclassification for advancement.
  • Salaries:
    • Salary Guidelines - Guidelines and procedures to establish, manage and adjust employee salaries.
    • Market Surveys - Employees' salaries are based on factors such as the Consumer Price Index.
    • Schedules​ - Salary Range.
  • Supplemental Employment - See the policies, procedures and requirements for full and part-time faculty and other personnel pursuing additional employment within the district.
  • Other Compensation & Stipends - Other compensations and stipends above the regular salary.