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After Retirement

Guidelines for Previous Employees Requesting Benefits
If you are retired and eligible now for benefit procedures.

Medicare (FICA)
Eligible on date of hire, effective April 1, 1986. 1.45 percent of salary deducted up to a maximum annual salary of $87,400. The district contributes an equal amount. Provides Medicare Part A (hospitalization) coverage under the federal plan.

ORP Guidelines for Working Retirees
ORP returning to work in a full-time position after retirement
TRS Guidelines for Working Retirees
TRS working retirees returning to work after retirement.
Emeritus - Business Cards
Retired Faculty or Administrators with 10+ Years of Service quality for business cards at district's expense.

Join the Retiree Association 
Connect with staff, teachers and fellow retirees.  You will receive three (3) newsletters per year plus you can get involved with activities and events.
See TRS Website