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Retirement Overview


As an employee of Dallas County Community College, individuals participate in a qualified retirement plan.  Dallas County Community College does not participate with Social Security.  See overview of retirement plans below.


Teachers Retirement System of Texas (TRS)


Effective September 1, 2015, all non-contracted employees (full-time professional Support Staff) contributes 7.2 percent of gross earnings; State contributes 6.8 percent effective September 1, 2015.

TRS provides retirement benefits based on length of service and salary level after a minimum of ten years of service (vesting occurs after 5 years of service) and employee deduction is pre-taxed.  TRS members must meet the guidelines under the Rule of 80 for retirement which is a combination of age and service credit totaling 80.  See TRS Vesting and Retirement Guidelines.


Optional Retirement Program (ORP)

An eligible employee may exercise the option to participate in ORP retirement program only once.  Election to participate in ORP must be made before the ninety-first day after becoming eligible.  This election is a one-time, irrevocable decision between two distinct plans.

ORP allows an eligible employee to control his/her retirement investment.  Vested first day following one year of employment.

The employee and state contribution rates (current employee 6.65%; State 6.6%) are established by Texas Legislature.

Part-time Employment Retirement

Part-time employees participate in PERC - Program for Extra Retirement Compensation administered by Metropolitan Life Insurance Company.  Part-time employee contributes 7.5 percent on gross salary, before taxes.​

Tax Shelter Annuity

An employee may elect to contribute a limited portion of their salary into a Tax Shelter Annuity or TSA with one of the authorized vendor.  The amount is limited by the IRS regulation.​

After Retirement at ERS (PDF)
Steps to Retire FAQ​ (PDF - 15KB)



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