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Millennium ILS Information

Innovative Interfaces, Inc. is the company that provides our integrated library system software, Millennium.  This section contains resources to help in using the system efficiently and effectively.

III General Information
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Innovative Interfaces' website

Innovative Users' Group (national)

Quick Facts About DCCCD's Millennium ILS, the automated library system. 

The acquisition of the Innovative Interfaces, Inc. system (Innopac - now called Millennium) to replace a NOTIS automated library system was approved by the DCCCD Board in December 1996, with an agreement signed in January 1997. Conversion of the database was completed by March, with District-wide training begun in April. Cataloging began in June, and the entire system was made available just before the beginning of the Fall semester in August 1997. The Millennium system is currently running under Release 2014 R2.

System Components

Servers: (1) Innovative: Sun Oracle Sparc T4-1 (2.8GHz), 32GB RAM, 4-300GB hard drives, Solaris 10 Operating Environment; (2) dscTscecr2: VMware Server, 2 Intel 2.3GHz Xeon processors, 4GB RAM, 180GB SAN storage space, Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard Operating System.

Millennium ILS: Software Release 2014 R2
Terminals: 200+ dedicated PCs
Circulation Scanners: Quickscan Plus laser scanners; B321 inventory units
Locations: 7 campuses (LRCs); 4 satellite campuses; Educational Resources Support Services; Bill J. Priest Campus of El Centro College

Functions Used

Authority Control
Millennium Acquisitions 
Millennium Cataloging
Millennium Circulation
Collection Agency Interface
Consortium Management Extensions
Electronic Course Reserves
Encore + Synergy
Millennium Interlibrary Loan
Local Image Mapping
Materials Booking
Patron API
Research Pro
Millennium Serials Control
Telephone Notification System
Web Access Management

Record Counts

Authority records : 246,066
Bibliographic records : 330,429
Checkin records : 6,861
Course Reserve records : 2,455
Fund records : 54
Item records : 587,272
Location codes : 445
Order records : 24,306
Patron records : 234,281
Vendor records : 545