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Copyright and Licensing Resources

Thanks to the Copyright Content Project Team (see list below), students and employees of the colleges of DCCCD now have a reliable source of information about copyright that is written for lay people.

Copyright for Students 

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Copyright for Employees

To navigate to this page, go to Employees>Tools and Resources>Copyright Information and Resources

The information on these pages has been reviewed and approved by DCCCD's attorney, Robert Young, and an external law firm that specializes in copyright issues.

Copyright Content Project Team


Moises Almendariz, MVC
Ann Coder, BHC
Bob Crook, LCET
Deborah Davis, RLC
April Ellis, DO, team leader
Genny Espinosa, RLC
Michael Forshee, EFC
Brian Koontz, NLC

Other Copyright and Licensing Resources include the following links:

ALA: Copyright
Sites related to federal and state intellectual property issues are listed plus other useful links. Topics include the DMCA, database protection, distance education, copyright education, and UCITA.

Copyright and Copyleft

Copyright Clearance Center

Copyright Resources Online

Electronic Reserves Copyright Policies Based on Fair Use November 2003 Examples of how research and academic libraries have used the fair use provisions of Section 107 of the Copyright Act as the basis for their electronic reserves policies.

Illegal File Sharing and Copyright

Licensing Electronic Resources: Strategic and Practical Considerations for Signing Electronic Information Delivery Agreements Washington, DC: Association of Research Libraries.

Stanford University Libraries: Copyright & Fair Use

U.S. Copyright Office

World Intellectual Property Organization