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General Processing Policies

Processing Multipiece Items


• After books are cataloged, they are put on a book truck by Catalogers and delivered to Processing, ready to be processed.

• The Cataloger inserts a set of 3 barcode (item id) labels in each book. Also, a set of labels (spine and book pocket) for each book is produced by the Catalogers and accompanies the books. A Cataloger will have already attached one of the barcodes to the verso of the title page. 
• Books are then stripped with tattle-tape security strips and stamped on the tops and inside back of the books with property stamps. 

• Next, put on the labels according to the type of book it is (circulating or reference), and if any special instructions apply to it. 

• The spine label is placed on the spine only if all the numbers on the label will be visible on the spine.  If not, the spine label is placed on the front of the book in the lower left corner. 

• If there is no dust jacket on the book, a piece of Scotch 845 book tape is applied over the spine label and also over the barcode label. 

• Plastikleer book jacket covers are used to cover the books with dust jackets, so no tape is needed on the barcode or spine label.
• Then, the book pocket is put in the book on the first page without any printing (flyleaf) unless the first page has a map, chemistry formula, or other important events relating to the book.
• On Reference books, a reference sticker is put under the title label then stamped with the college property stamp. No pockets are used with Reference books.
• After books have been stamped, stripped, and covered, they are taken to the 3M sensitizer/desensitizer machine. Each book is placed in the machine to have the security strip sensitized. There will be an audible "thump" and a red light should blink, indicating the strip has been sensitized.

• Once this is done, books are shelved on the outgoing shelves by college. 

• Books are then counted by college and the total written on the statistics sheet located in a folder on the outgoing shelves.
• After counting, the books can then be placed in tubs for shipment to the colleges.

• The college label is taped on the lid of the tub, date-stamped, and marked with the number of tubs going out to the college in this batch (1/4, 2/4, etc.)  Plastic tub ties are used to secure the lid to the tub.  Shipments are generally prepared at least once a day; twice daily is preferred if volume warrants.