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Vending Services


The DCCCD has contracted with Canteen Vending to provide vending services for snacks, packaged fresh food, coffee, tea, hot chocolate and soft drinks. Canteen operates over 350 vending machines.


Products offered include traditional snack items, healthy choice items, breakfast and lunch food offerings and coffee/hot chocolate. Canteen provides a variety of beverage brands including Coca-Cola, Dr. Pepper and Pepsi with the majority being Coca-Cola.


Canteen Vending is responsible for product replenishment and repair and maintenance of all vending equipment at each District location.


Contact BeLinda Benson by telephone at 972-860-7739 or email for information regarding the acquisition or relocation of vending equipment.


Please contact the location Business Office regarding any issues you experience with the vending equipment. Please provide the Business Office the machine location and ID number.


DCCCD Staff only: Additional information can be found in the CPI page, accessed via the Employee Intranet (employee login required).

The current contract expires in October 2017.

Companies interested in doing business with DCCCD, must register as a bidder on,