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Food Service


Food service at the seven Dallas County Community College campuses is provided by Subway. The contract, which began in August 2007, is for a ten-year term. General terms, conditions and requirements relating to each Subway operation are addressed in Subway’s contract with the Dallas County Community College District.

Contact the Subway at your location regarding special product offers and promotions. For DCCCD staff catering needs, please visit the DCCCD Contract Pricing Information Catering District-Wide (employee login required). Following is contact information for the seven Subway locations:

Brookhaven College
Franchisee: Heeney Holdings LLC
phone: 972-860-4357

Cedar Valley College
Franchisee: Payless Fuel
phone: 972-860-5231

Eastfield College
Franchisee: C&T Subs
phone: 972-860-8300

El Centro College
Franchisee: J & J Holdings, Inc
phone: 972-948-3664

Mountain View College
Franchisee: Holly Slater
phone: 214-860-8664

North Lake College
Franchisee: Regina Group
phone: 972-273-3095

Richland College
Franchisee: GS Dallas Group
phone: 972-238-3783