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Concur Travel and Expense Forms and Information


DCCCD Concur Administrators:

Marian Svacina DSC A/P (

Serena Huvler  DSC/AP (

Maria Garza DSC Auxiliary Business Services (

Pat Disbrow DSC Fin. Services (

Linda Zabojnik  EFC Bus. Office (

Susan Klutts LeCroy Bus. Office (

Elsy Carranza NLC Bus. Office (


Corporate Travel Planners (CTP) Travel Agency Information:

Online travel booking assistance please call 877-727-5188

Full service travel booking assistance please call 800-523-9036 (toll free) or 210-366-9565 (local)
After hours assistance please call 800-823-6582 or 303-801-2274 use VIT Code W-7XJ

Hours of operation:  

Online travel booking Help Desk: 8:00am – 6:00 pm CST

Full service travel booking Help Desk: 8:00 am – 5:30 pm CST

*After Hours: 6:01 pm – 7:59 am (online travel booking help desk) and 5:31pm - 7:59am CST  (full service travel booking help desk)

*Please note there is a $16.00 charge per after hours call.  See full travel agency fee schedule

Online Self Booking using Concur is available 24 hours.​

Login Link:

Concur Travel Frequently Used Documents:

Part I: Profile, Travel Estimates and Request: Concur Part 1 - Travel Estimates and Requests.pdf

Part 2: Travel Booking an Expense Reports: Concur Part 2 - Booking and Expense Reports.pdf

Part 3: Approvals and Delegates: Concur Part 3 - Approvals and Delegates.pdf

Part 4: Mileage Expense Reports (In-Area Travel): Concur Part 4 - Milege Reports.pdf

Concur User Profile Form (adds/changes to Concur profile): ConcurUserProfile_022216.pdf

DCCCD QuickGuide Approval: DCCCD_QuickGuide_Approval.pdf

DCCCD QuickGuide Delegates: DCCCD_QuickGuide_Delegates.pdf

Professional Leave and Travel Cheat Sheet: PLTCheatsheet.pdf

Per Diem Calculator: Per Diem Calculator 2016.xlsx (Note, there are two tabs: Division and Executive)

State of Texas Hotel Tax Exemption Form: Texas Hotel Tax Exemption as of July 2016.pdf

Grant Business Travel Justification Form: Grant Business Travel Justification Form (1 22 2016).pdf

Frequently Asked Questions: ​​​​Concur_FAQ.pdf