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Library Directors Council


Mission Statement 

The mission of the DCCCD Library Directors Council is to provide leadership and guidance in all issues common to the DCCCD Libraries through fostering of standardized services and economic acquisition of materials and services to support information literacy.


2013-2014 Chair
Karla Greer

Eastfield College Library

(972) 860-7173

2013-2014 Meeting Schedule

Council Duties

  1. To consider for approval budgetary requests from library teams and committees
  2. To develop district library guidelines
  3. To review guidelines presented by other library teams or committees
  4. To provide direction for the future through planning
  5. To confer with Educational Resources Support Services (ERSS) and district computer services to keep both informed of library needs
  6. To hold a minimum of eight meetings per year
  7. To disseminate the minutes of the Council through the Z-List and the intranet.


The seven college library directors rotate the leadership on an annual basis. For fiscal year 2005-2006, Cedar Valley College Library personnel chair the Library Directors Council and all of the related Peer Councils. 

The Peer Councils include:

  • Acquisitions
  • Circulation
  • Collection Development
  • Intercollege and Interlibrary Loan
  • Media
  • Periodicals
  • Reference
  • Web Team

Additional information can be found on the Library intranet site (Novell login required).