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Current Employee Rights/Responsibilities


Active Employment and Compliance Policies

As a DCCCD employee, you have rights that the district strives to honor — such as the right to fair treatment. Of course, in return, you are responsible for complying with a variety of district policies and procedures in addition to fulfilling your job duties.

This page highlights some important procedures, resources and board policies related to your rights and responsibilities as a district employee. Please feel free to contact Human Resources with any questions you have about these topics.

Employee Rights — Complaints and Procedures

  • Employee Complaints - Grievance — If you face a work-related problem or condition that you believes is unfair, inequitable or discriminatory or that is keeping you from effectively performing your job, and you can’t find a solution, you have the right to file a formal complaint, also known as a grievance. Read this guideline to learn more about the formal grievance process.  
  • Incorrect Leave Accrual — It is the employee’s responsibility to confirm that vacation, sick, extenuating circumstances and related leave.
  • Nonrenewal of Contract - Prior Notification for Faculty — The district must provide faculty members with written notice if their contract will not be renewed.
  • Program Discipline Review - Employee Impact Form (Faculty).
  • Sexual Harassment Policy - know your rights and steps to report sexual harassment.

Supervisor Rights — Procedures and Resources

  • Employee Warning System — This guideline outlines the formal warning system that supervisors must use to communicate any problems with a professional support staff employee's performance before terminating him or her.
  • Investigations Protocol — In certain circumstances, such as when the district suspects an employee has stolen district funds or property, the district must conduct internal investigations. Visit this page to learn about the procedures the district follows when conducting these investigations.

Employee Responsibilities — Procedures and Resources

  • Colleague Input and Processing — If you input or access confidential/security-sensitive information in the Colleague system as part of your job, you need to follow certain guidelines.
  • Commercial Driver Drug and Alcohol Testing — If you drive a commercial vehicle as part of your DCCCD job duties, you will be required to participate in drug and/or alcohol testing periodically.
  • IRS Regulations for Annualized Compensation - for employees who work less an a full year
  • Meal Periods for PSS — Professional support staff employees may not work more than five consecutive hours without at least a 30-minute period of rest.
  • Public Information Act — The Public Information Act gives you — as well as the general public — the right to access government records, including district records. Find out your rights under the act and how you can request information.
  • Telecommuting Policy - an alternative work arrangement to work at home.
  • Workplace Visitor Policy — See DCCCD’s guidelines about minor children visiting employees during working hours on campus.
  • Work Hours for Employees — This guideline specifies minimum and/or maximum work hours for each category of employment, including full-time, limited full-time and part-time hourly.
  • Leave and Benefit Inegration — When employee is going to be absent that would affect their employment and personal paid leave (short or long-term absence), employee is responsible to contact their immediate supervisor.  
  • Return to Work Procedures​  — In Event of disability and employee is able to perform functions.

Related Policies

For your reference, the following official board policies concern employee rights and responsibilities:

  • DBD: Conflict of Interest — District employees must tell their supervisors when an obligation or relationship — such as a personal business interest — may conflict with their ability to do their job or may not be in the best interest of the district. 
  • DGBA: Personnel-Management Relations: Employee Complaints — This policy states that the district will handle employee complaints (grievances) as quickly as possible, and that the chancellor is responsible for developing appropriate procedures for handling complaints. 
  • DH: Employee Standards of Conduct — This policy outlines the ethical and professional standards that all district employees are expected to follow. Topics covered include alcohol and drug use/abuse and arrests and convictions.
  • DOA: Sexual Harassment — The district strictly prohibits sexual harassment in any form. 
  • DJ: Workload — This policy specifies work hours for the various employee types.
  • DMAB: Termination of Employment: Noncontract Employment — This policy states district procedures for terminating (firing) professional support staff employees.

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