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How to Update Your Staff Directory Information

This is a Flash video tutorial designed to teach DCCCD employees to use eConnect to update their information in the online staff directory.

If you do not have Flash installed, download the Flash player from Adobe.

This video covers:

  • where the staff directory is online
  • how to search for and view your entry in the directory
  • how to change your staff directory information
  • how to save your changes
  • when the changes appear live online in the directory

Note: Changes to your staff directory information will not affect other records except your fax number. The update this tutorial teaches you applies mostly to the staff directory. Other changes to your records are possible through eConnect.

staff directory tutorial screenshot
Watch the tutorial
Video transcript
(PDF - 19.5KB)


  • What should I do if I can't find my entry in the staff directory?

If you are a current employee, go to eConnect and complete the Update My Staff Directory form.

  • I did the update but I haven't seen the changes online yet. What happened?

Your update will not be posted online immediately. New data from Colleague, the system that stores the information, is downloaded to the staff directory only once a week on Thursday night. It will show up in the staff directory on the Friday after you change your information.

  • What should I do if my phone number or email is not listed in the staff directory?

If you are a current employee, go to eConnect and add your phone number and/or e-mail on the Update My Staff Directory form.

  • Why didn't my other records change?

The staff directory information you add, except for the fax number, will not affect your other Colleague/HR/eConnect records. When you use "Update My Staff Directory", you are updating your staff directory information, the information that the public can see when they go to the staff directory online and your profile located on your My Site in myPortal​.

  • I put in a nickname but I can't see my middle name anymore. What happened?

When you add a nickname to the staff directory information it is displayed instead of your first and middle names. If you want your middle name to display, simply add it to the nickname field after your nickname.