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Logistics Careers

man with boxes

Depending on your level of experience and continued education, job titles might include:

  • RFID technician/manager
  • Transportation, storage and distribution manager
  • Production, planning and expediting clerk
  • Shipping, receiving and traffic clerk
  • Cargo and freight agent

According to America’s Career Infonet, growth rates and salary ranges in these related fields in Texas are:

JobHourly RateAnnual SalaryProjected Growth Through 2022

Cargo and freight agent

Production, planning and expediting clerk$22.17$46,100+18%
Transportation, storage and distribution managers$41.46$86,200+21% lists local average annual salaries of :

  • Supply chain managers: $89,000
  • Logistics management specialists: $73,000
  • Logistics managers: $63,000
  • Transportation managers: $62,000
  • Logistics coordinators: $33,000
  • Logistics support: $27,000