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ASEP Years: Memoirs of the 2008 Class of Brookhaven College ASEP Students

photo of Daniel Brogan

Presented by Daniel Brogan, Brookhaven ASEP Graduate 2008
(Editor’s note: The following are selected highlights from Daniel Brogan’s speech.)

“I came to this school expecting my experience here to be a long two years that would be barely survivable. I’d be around an original 13 fellow classmates who would probably form cliques. I found out quickly that I was wrong. Every one of you has influenced my life in ways indescribable. I’m positive that you all feel the same.

“I’ve found each of you to be very different, yet all of us share the same passion in life. I’ve found all of us to have our moments of jokes and fun as well as our moments of being tired and annoyed. However, that nine-week break seemed to always come at the right time.

“I thank all of you for what you have done for me. I know that may sound strange, but the reality is that I’ve been around each of you for two years; you have all helped me in different ways. I’ll save the other class comments for the end. How about we move on to teachers now?

“Stephen and Marvin, first and foremost I thank you both. Without your teaching, none of us would be sitting here today, nor be going to work full time in two weeks. I would first like to say that you both are wonderful teachers.

“I think every person in this classroom has had some sort of quarrel with either one or both of you. But you have both taught us through those experiences as well. Not only have both Marvin and Steve taught us how to fix a car, but they have taught us how to be who we are. I personally know from experience. I remember Steve and I had an argument once. When things settled and we had a conversation, I found that he had taught me some things about interpersonal conflict that I didn’t think could be taught by an automotive teacher. I’m sure some fellow classmates could understand this as well. But that comment makes it sound as if we sit and argue all day. These two teachers have what it takes to turn out good quality technicians, but more so, people.

“I think I speak on behalf of the class when I say that it has been a long but fun trip down this road. From working hard in the shop, to relaxing in the classroom with everyday talk over lunch. Thank you for being who you are, and for sharing such incredible knowledge with us.

“Now I suppose this part will be a little bit more directed toward the class. I’ve had fun, guys. It’s been a long, hard journey, but it’s about to be done. I’ve seen some things in this class I couldn’t have imagined.

  • To start things off, how many of you can actually find your answer sheet to the quiz we had on any day? I think most are fluttering about in the wind. 
  • Baseball and good ole wall ball were always good ways to blow off time between classes.
  • How about physics class? Didn’t we learn more than we could have imagined?
  • Silly String is a good source of entertainment, and six cans can be cleaned up in about two minutes.
  • Speaking of Silly String, locking the class out of the training center is always fun till someone finds an extra Silly String can.
  • Homemade bottle rockets with compressed air aren’t the best objects to point at ankles.
  • Car noises should be recorded, not impersonated.
  • Marvin, I’m sorry I’m using your phrase, but I must say I believe all of us are a bit cattywampus.

“Now understand that I can’t possibly list all the fun times we’ve had, but I can skim enough of them to give everyone an idea of the interesting two years. I’m glad I chose this school for the great teachers, a great group of classmates and better yet, a good group of friendships made. I wish each and every one of you the most success possible in your career. Work hard and never give up. Keep in contact and always remember to have fun with what you’re doing. Thank you.”

 — Daniel Brogan