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Degree, Certificate and Specialty Program Options in Automotive Technology

Brookhaven, Cedar Valley and Eastfield colleges

The online catalog indicates which college offers a particular award option.

Each college has different requirements for entry into its various programs; please check for details with the Auto Tech department at the college you plan to attend.

Specialty Programs with Sponsoring Automotive Companies
Brookhaven and Eastfield colleges

Specialty programs with sponsoring automotive companies include:

Brookhaven:  Ford and GM Dealership-Sponsored Programs

To enter this program, you must be sponsored by a participating dealership approved by the college. Each curriculum was designed by the automobile company in conjunction with Brookhaven College.

Eastfield College: Toyota and Honda Factory-Sponsored Programs

Eastfield College offers two factory-sponsored programs with Toyota and Honda:

Cedar Valley College: Automotive Technology/Diesel and Heavy Equipment

Cedar Valley offers the following specialty certificate in its Automotive Technology/Diesel and Heavy Equipment program

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