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Conflict Management Careers

photo of negotiations in process

Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) has such diverse applications that it is usually not listed as a job in and of itself. Salaries vary widely according to education level and experience.

There is a growing need for conflict management specialists to work in widely diverse areas that include:

  • Consulting with businesses and corporations in managing conflict
  • Helping troubled youth in juvenile justice programs
  • Mediating family, marriage and community issues
  • Resolving personnel issues in schools, hospitals and private and nonprofit organizations
  • Serving as a court-ordered mediator or arbitrator
  • Serving as a human resources or personnel coordinator
  • Training business people and educators in effective conflict management techniques
  • Working in customer service in almost any business
  • Working as a governmental ombudsman

America’s Career Infonet gives detailed information about these positions in Texas:

Job Hourly Rate Annual Salary Projected Growth Through 2022
Arbitrators and mediators $22.57 $46,900 +13%
Labor relations specialists $34.62 $72,000 +7%
Legal support workers $23.52 $48,900 +17%
Human resources specialists $27.51 $57,200 +16%