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Food and Hospitality Institute Faculty

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Click on the photos to learn more about each El Centro Food and Hospitality Institute faculty member.

Cindy Bozzelli-Duke
Computer Lab Coordinator
Ben Brown
Adjunct Management/Supervision Instructor
Pat Bullard
Computer Lab Instructor
Allison Cossio
Chef Instructor
Nellda Gallagher
Instructional Associate and Adjunct Instructor
Swee Hua Goh     
Food and Hospitality Team Leader
Alison Hodges
Bakery/Pastry Instructor
Bill Hodges
Bakery/Pastry Instructor
Chris LaLonde
Culinary Team Leader
Anne Macdonald
Bakery/Pastry Instructor
Chris Miller
Adjunct Bakery/Pastry Instructor
Beth Sonnier
Chef Instructor/Advisor
Brad Trudeau
Adjunct Chef Instructor
Jessie Taylor Yearwood
Nutrition Instructor