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Cindy Killgore, RVT

photo of Cindy Killgore, RVT

Registered Veterinary Technician
Forney Animal Clinic

“I’ve been working with animals since I was 14, when I started cleaning kennels at a training facility. Then I worked for a veterinarian in Corsicana and was taking my basics at Navarro Community College when I found out about Cedar Valley’s Vet Tech program.

“You really get hands-on experience in Cedar Valley’s Vet Tech program. The bottom line is, it covers everything from bathing and restraining the animals to surgery and anesthesia. The program went by quickly, and I tried to absorb a lot.

“I really couldn’t use everything I learned at the time on the job I had then. I was working for an old-school vet, and I didn’t get to practice what I was learning. The vet I work for now in Forney is more progressive and modern. His methods are a lot closer to the way we learned to do things and actually a lot more well-rounded.

“I have recommended this program to other people, including a co-worker here. At one time, we had three Cedar Valley Vet Tech graduates working at the clinic. It’s a good program, and I know we all learned a lot there.”

Cindy Killgore works as a registered veterinary technician at Forney Animal Clinic, which specializes in small domestic animals and some exotics (one client has pet rats). She cares for and grooms the animals and assists with surgery and anesthesia when the surgery technician isn’t available.

She earned an associate degree in Veterinary Technology from Cedar Valley College in 1999 and has been in her current position since 2005.