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Manoochehr 'Mano' Vafadari, RT(R)

photo of  Mano Vafadari

Staff Technologist
Interventional Radiology
Medical Center of Plano (MCP)

“At Brookhaven, I learned how to be an X-ray technologist, and now what I’m doing is job-related training. I had done a clinical rotation at Medical Center of Plano, and I was able to get the job I have now. I also really learned how to conduct an interview in the mock interview process — I had never done one before, and my training at Brookhaven taught me a lot.

“Now I’m in a completely different area — interventional radiology — but what I’m learning is based on the knowledge I got at Brookhaven. X-ray certification is also needed for this job. The good thing about this type of work is that the sky’s the limit — there are so many branches with so many specialties.

“I was in Brookhaven’s first Radiologic Sciences graduating class in 2004, and I would absolutely recommend this program because I had a good experience there myself. The faculty there is so good — Christi CarterValerie Martin. They really want to teach people. The bottom line is, they care.”

Mano Vafadari studied chemical engineering in his native Iran. He came to the United States in 2000 and originally earned a cosmetology license. He had been working in a barber shop for several months when a client began discussing his work as a radiologic technologist. 

Mano began checking out DCCCD’s Radiologic Sciences program and was about to apply to El Centro when Brookhaven opened a new program that was closer to his home. He graduated in Brookhaven’s first Radiologic Sciences graduating class in 2004.

In his job as an interventional radiological technologist, Mano uses catheters to inject contrast into patients’ veins and blood vessels for imaging.