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Julia Harryman, B.S.R.S., RT(R)(M)

photo of Julia Harryman

Radiological Technologist, Doctors Hospital
and Radiologic Sciences Faculty, El Centro College

“I was working retail when I got pregnant with my first son, and I was a stay-at-home mom for a while. I had no formal higher education, and I realized that if something happened to my husband, I would be responsible for raising this baby without enough education for a good job. Fortunately, my husband was really supportive of my going back to school.
“I first started a nursing program but realized quickly that nursing definitely wasn’t for me. I still wanted something in the medical field, something hands-on and technical, and I realized that radiology seemed to fit exactly what I wanted.
“I loved El Centro. Its campus isn’t spread out at all; it just goes straight up! From a security standpoint, that’s great. My priority was still to be a full-time mom, but the medical field is great in that it allows women the means to make a good income, feel good about yourself and still be at home with your kids several days a week. Right when I got out of school, I got pregnant with my second son, and I worked night and weekend shifts so I could still be with him most of the time.
“One of the best things about El Centro’s program, in my opinion, is that it’s a JCERT program — the highest level of certification and quality for a program that teaches radiologic sciences. That says a lot about El Centro College, and it really meant something to me. It was also important to me to have an associate degree to build on, so that I not only got the training but an education that I could go further with — which I’m now doing.”
Julia Harryman received her associate degree in Radiologic Sciences at El Centro College in 1999 and holds a bachelor’s degree in radiologic science from Midwestern State University in Wichita Falls, having completed additional training to acquire certification in mammography. She taught in the radiology positioning lab as an adjunct clinical instructor at El Centro for two years before assuming a full-time faculty position in fall 2007. She was a staff technologist at Doctors Hospital in Dallas for nine years.

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