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Chris Hunter, NREMT/B, MRT

photo of Chris Hunter

Medical Radiologic Technologist
Diagnostic Image Plus

“Getting additional education in Radiologic Sciences will put me in the place where I can have direct hands-on contact with patients. Before the program, I was an ambulance dispatcher and EMT/Basic, but I spent most of my time on the phone.

“The quality of instruction in this program was excellent, thorough and detailed — really down-to-earth. One of the best things was getting to know my classmates and preparing for a professional field.

“To be in this line of work, you have to want to work with people — that’s number-one. And be prepared to study — you can’t wing it or slide by; there’s no such thing. You have to either be a pretty good student already or learn how to be one, because at the end of the program you take a cumulative test and you have to pass the registry exam.”

Chris Hunter earned an associate degree in Radiologic Sciences from El Centro College in July 2009 and began working in his current position at Diagnostic Image Plus, a small X-ray company in Mesquite, in November 2009. He is licensed as a medical radiologic technologist (MRT).

He is also a nationally registered medical technician/basic (MT/B) and also holds emergency medical dispatcher certification. He works some weekends as an emergency medical dispatcher for American Medical Response, the largest private ambulance company in the nation.