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Ashley Slawson, RT(R)

photo of Ashley Slawson

Radiologic Technologist
Las Colinas Medical Center

“My story began when I was in a health science program in high school and I visited a radiology department. After that visit, I just knew radiology was for me. I applied for Brookhaven College’s radiology program at the age of 18, and with the help of God I got in.

“I graduated from high school a semester early so that I could start Brookhaven’s program in December. Everyone in my graduating class thought I was crazy for graduating early, but I was determined that radiology was what I wanted to do. My journey through the Radiologic Sciences program was the most rewarding decision of my life. Everything — from the faculty caring for their students to the education you receive — is 100 percent.

“The program was challenging because we knew our teachers expected top quality. At work, the current students doing clinical rotations always ask what I did to study for the registry. My answer is always: I didn’t study. You and your teachers have worked for two years to prepare you for this big test. I promise you know the information; just show it on paper now.

“After a year working in the field, I am still just as excited and thrilled to be a part of a radiology team; it has so much to offer, it’s unbelievable. I’ve almost completed learning another modality, CAT scan, and I am completing my bachelor’s degree in radiology.

“Don’t let anything stop you in life. If you’re interested in radiology, then Brookhaven is the way to go. You’ll receive the top-quality education you need to succeed.”

In her job as a radiologic technologist for Las Colinas Medical Center, Ashley Slawson performs radiographs and fluoroscopy procedures on out-patients, in-patients and emergency patients, also working on surgery cases where X-ray is needed. She is completing credentialing in CAT scan (CT) and is earning a bachelor’s degree in radiology. She is credentialed as a registered radiologic technologist.