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Young Caldwell, CPCS, CPMSM

photo of Young Caldwell, CPCS

Medical Staff Coordinator, Medical City of Dallas 

“I started out thinking I wanted to go into nursing, but after a couple of classes, I realized it wasn’t for me. I’m more of a clerical or administrative person than a clinical one, but I was looking for a job in health care because there are a lot of job opportunities. The first time I went to college, I dropped out because I had no direction. Then I got myself together and decided I needed to go back to school. When I entered the program, I wasn’t sure about the job outlook but was hoping that I would get a good position after I graduated.

“I earned my associate degree in Medical Staff Services in May 2006. I served my internship at RHD Memorial Medical Center in Dallas and was hired in a part-time position before I finished the internship. Soon after, I was hired at Medical City Dallas Hospital in a full-time position.

“Medical Staff Services was a good fit for me, especially since it had all online courses. I’m a mother of two, and I didn’t have much time for classes. I could take my online courses whenever I wanted, and they really fit into my schedule well. It took about three years for me to earn my associate degree.

“I use a lot of what I learned in the program on the job — you do take medical law and terminology, and all that stuff that you study begins to make sense when you start working. I really like that I have job security and that I don’t have to worry constantly about losing my job. That’s a big thing in this economy.

“It makes a big difference to have an associate degree and the knowledge that goes with it. You have to be very detail-oriented to enjoy this job, but if you are, it can be a really good fit for you. Since I realized fairly early on that I don’t have the desire to be on the clinical side of things, this job fits me well. Once you’re through the program, there are a lot of jobs out there.

“This program will prepare you for what you have to face every day in medical staff services, especially the internship. If you are thinking about getting a job in the health-care industry but are not a clinical person, this is a great program for you to consider. The job outlook for this profession is great. I am glad that I made this choice. Now I have a secure job with great benefits.

“I have to say that this journey for me has been fantastic. I learned so much, and this program has opened doors and opportunities for me that I didn’t think I would have. I love what I do now. I truly like going to work every day and not having to worry about what I am going to do in life. That kind of security in life is hard to get, and I really appreciate everyone who helped me through the program, especially Cindy Gassiot. It takes some time and dedication to get this degree, but it is so worth it.”

Young Caldwell earned an associate degree from El Centro College in March 2006. Her job entails checking professional credentials for allied health professionals who are not employed by the hospital but who conduct medical procedures there. She holds credentials as a certified professional credentialing specialist (CPCS).