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Devon Warner

photo of Devon Warner

Credentialing Coordinator, Pinnacle Partners in Medicine

“I started my job in October of 2007, when Pinnacle hired me to do a directed study or internship program with them in my last semester of school. They also hired a classmate of mine, Brittany Ardito. That was really a good opportunity, to be finishing school and getting on-the-job training.

“I love that I’m in a medical field but in an administrative position and desk setting. I originally thought I might do nursing, but that really wasn’t for me. I like working with the health-care providers, to make sure that the doctors’ credentials are up to par in order to care for patients.

“In the program, I really liked not sitting in a classroom to take my classes. I had most of my prerequisites out of the way, but in the last half, I was able to take my Medical Staff Services courses sitting at my computer at home. That was the best part — being able to go to school at home. The self-paced material is ideal for that.

“This was a big career change for me; I had been doing data entry at Parkland Hospital. Doing El Centro’s program in the online format allowed me to go to school but to keep working full time.

“This is a good fit for you if you want to stay busy and motivated; there’s always something changing in credentialing. There’s never a dull moment — there’ s always something exciting going on. This is an area a lot of people don’t know much about, but I think they would be interested in it as a career opportunity once they find out about it.”

Devon Warner earned an associate degree in Medical Staff Services from El Centro College in May 2009.