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Brittany Ardito

photo of Brittany Ardito

Credentialing Coordinator, Doctors Hospital at White Rock Lake

“I was attending El Centro College and planning on a career in ultrasound. But that program accepted only a small number of students each year, so I started looking for something else in the health-care field to fall back on. After looking through the various programs offered at El Centro, I found that Medical Staff Services really fit my personality well because I am very detail-oriented and good at administrative work. To work well in medical staff services, you have to be highly organized, computer-literate and able to sit at a desk doing paperwork and computer work for long periods of time.
“I like that I get to screen applicants when they apply to the hospital, to make sure that they’re qualified to perform the services they are appointed to do. I get to help ensure that our hospital offers quality health care to the patients. Medical staff services is like human resources specifically for medical professionals. I verify the health-care workers’ licenses, education and work history, making sure that they are credentialed to perform the procedures they are requesting before they actually touch a patient in the hospital. I also help the hospital stay accredited by following the rules set forth in the Joint Commission Standards for a health-care worker to apply to and remain on staff.
“My program instructor, Cindy Gassiot, presented examples of situations that students would face in the field to help prepare us and also gave us sample applications that we would process. The program was filled with information about typical hospital policies and procedures as well as plenty of information that prepares students for the CPCS or CPMSM exam that you can take after three years of experience in the field.
“The best thing I got out of the program was a good career. I was lucky to be hired by the company that sponsored my co-op class before I even graduated. That is why I really like the co-op experience during the last semester, because you get on-the-job training at a facility. Sometimes the place you do your internship pays you, and in my case they did, so I was learning and getting paid! The program is mostly online, so you can do it on your own time in the convenience of your own home and still work a full-time job while taking your online classes. I also like that you can work at a variety of places in the field such as physician groups, managed care plans and hospitals.”
Brittany Ardito earned an associate degree in Medical Staff Services from El Centro College in December 2007. She first served as a credentialing coordinator at Pinnacle Partners in Medicine, the company that hired her during her co-op experience, before serving at Doctors Hospital as a credentialing coordinator in the Medical Staff Office.