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Medical Staff Services

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Are you a detail-oriented person who likes to work independently? Would you like to work with medical professionals? Would an online associate degree program fit the demands of your busy life?

If you’re looking for a career in the booming allied health industry, but aren’t sure that you want to do clinical work yourself, Medical Staff Services may be a perfect fit for you. Offered completely online through El Centro College, our program can launch you into a rewarding new career in just two years.

Medical Staff Services at a Glance

Looking for a quick overview of the Medical Staff Services program? Take a look at Medical Staff Services at a Glance for a short summary of what a medical staff services coordinator does and the degrees and certificates offered.

Get started today in Medical Staff Services!

Medical Staff Services Program

The Medical Staff Services program at El Centro College provides a two-year, 64-credit-hour curriculum that culminates in an associate degree. The program is designed to prepare you to perform the duties of a medical staff services coordinator in health-care settings that include hospitals, managed care organizations and credentialing organizations.

What Does a Medical Staff Services Coordinator Do?

Medical staff services, or credentialing, coordinators verify credentials and provide monitoring services for physicians and allied health professionals. Job responsibilities include confidentiality and legal issues.


After completing the Medical Staff Services program and experience working in the field as required for the specific credential of certified provider credentialing specialist (CPCS) or certified professional medical services management (CPMSM), graduates will be eligible to sit for the National Association of Medical Staff Services (NAMSS) certification examinations. Credit can be awarded for some modules of the NAMSS independent study program toward the Medical Staff Services program at El Centro College.

Online Program Offers Classes at Your Convenience

El Centro’s Medical Staff Services program was the first of its kind in this field of study offered online in the U.S. Wherever you have a computer with Internet access, you can attend our entirely online courses on your schedule.

Assignments and tests are posted on a biweekly basis throughout the semester, with instructor assistance just an e-mail away. A discussion board provides group discussion opportunities with fellow students and instructors, and a live classroom setting provides the opportunity to interact with the instructor and fellow students.

Beginning the first day of the semester, students log on to the Dallas Colleges Online website. Your student ID number (issued at registration) is used as your login. After an online class orientation, assignments and examinations are posted weekly on the website. Instructors will e-mail you any specific guidelines for individual courses.

You can take up to five years to complete your online associate degree in Medical Staff Services.

Medical Staff Services Degree Options

Our 64-credit-hour program culminates in the Medical Staff Services Associate in Applied Sciences Degree